WYSE Winterm 3125SE (902040-08)

The Winterm™ 3125SE is the ideal desktop for task workers and light-duty office workers.


Unit and power supply only

Powerful Windows-based Terminal with Legacy and USB Ports

The Winterm™ 3125SE is the ideal desktop for task workers and light-duty office workers. It supports both wireless and legacy I/O connectivity and with built-in Internet Explorer and terminal emulation, it is an ideal transitional product for green-screen environments. With its small chassis, it fits neatly on the desktop or can be easily mounted on the wall or under a desk


Weight 3700 kg
Dimensions 1.81 × 5.33 × 8.27 in
10/100 BaseT Fast Ethernet, two serial, one parallel, and three USB ports

Fast LAN/WAN connectivity, robust peripheral support, dial-up capabilities

Optional windowing

Administrators can use a PC-like desktop with a task bar or the standard Simplified Connection Manager GUI to best meet the users’ needs

Displays Windows desktops and applications from multiuser Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Microsoft Server 2003

Delivers the flexibility, power, and performance of Windows, without the overhead cost of PC service and support

Built-in Microsoft Internet Explorer

Local IE browser provides access to web-based applications and supports Citrix NFuse

Microsoft Windows CE .NET operating system

Industry-standard operating system

Wi-Fi® 802.11b USB LAN option

Simple wireless LAN connectivity

Supports RDP and ICA protocols

Flexibility to choose optimal protocol

Over 15 resident terminal emulations

Single desktop access to UNIX/host systems, Windows NT and Windows 2000

Connects to any VESA standard monitor

Flexibility to use almost any monitor

Convection cooled; no moving parts

Quiet, durable, low operating cost, low service, maintenance

Three-year Buyer’s Protection Plan

Assurance of reliability, availability, and performance, from the industry leader